How You Can Invest Like A Pro
Learn all the important and must-have skills of investment that can help you stand out in a crowd of investors.
Last Updated: Tuesday, November 15 2022
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How You Can Invest Like A Pro

Learn all the important and must-have skills of investment that can help you stand out in a crowd of investors.

Updated November, 2022 | 4 Modules | All Levels


Everyone loves to invest and see their money grow; however, simple investing and investing in a prudent way are two different things. One needs to acquire some must-have basic skills if they want to invest like a pro.


If you are a kind of person who believes in planning systematically, for long term, also hold some prior knowledge and experience, this is the best course to hone your skills and learn the multifaceted approach to investing.


You can also go through our course “Learn the joy of investing” to gather all the basic investing tips.

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Investment in different asset classes is made with the hope that their value will increase over time. Hence, selecting the right and most suitable for you is most important.


What has been covered:


·         Basics of Investing

·         Different types of investing routes

·         Factors to keep in mind before investing

·         Secrets of great investors

·         Calculating risk – Range analysis, Standard deviation, Coefficient of Variation, Alpha and Beta R-Square, and Sharp Ratio.

·         Historical performance of various assets

·         The historical return of some of the most popular assets, such as Euro/ USD exchange rate, S&P 500, S&P Global REIT, and US 10-year bond


Investment strategy depends a lot on financial goal setting and is one of the key steps toward reaching financial success.


What has been covered:


·         Financial goals and risks of investing

·         What types of financial risks can you encounter in capital markets?

·         Systematic risks such as Market risk, Interest Rate risk, Exchange Rate risk, Purchasing power risk, and Reinvestment rate risk.

·         Unsystematic risks such as Business risk, Default risk, Accounting risk, Country risk, Executive risk and Regulation risk.

·         Fraud and scams in investing

·         How does an investment scam take place? 

·         Types of scams such as Promissory notes, Pump and Dump schemes, Ponzi schemes, Real Estate investments, cryptocurrency frauds, Social Media investment frauds, Offshore investment schemes.

·         How to distinguish a get-rich-quick scheme from a legitimate one? 

·         Different types of get-rich-quick schemes such as Multi-level marketing schemes, Lottery, Fraudulent job listings, and cryptocurrencies, etc.

·         How can one avoid an investment scam? 

·         What to do if you have been scammed?

·         What to do when all doors close?


Building a good investment portfolio is the basic requirement for a fruitful investment journey, but it is equally important to chalk out the collection of financial investments for your portfolio.


What has been covered:


·         Building an investment portfolio

·         How to select an investment vehicle

·         Types of investment vehicle such as Ownership investments, Lending investments, Pooled investment vehicles

·         Different approaches for measuring investment performance such as Asset Returns, expected mean return of an asset, Weighted average return on an asset, Asset volatility

·         Portfolio expected return

·         Portfolio volatility

·         Tax impact on investment performance

·         Taxable investment vehicles such as Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, REIT, ETFs, etc.

·         Tax-advantaged investment vehicles such as Municipal bonds, Traditional IRAs, 401 (k) accounts

·         Ways you can minimise capital gain taxes


Diversification is one of the most important aspects of investing. This module will discuss the need for diversification and rebalancing your portfolio.


What has been covered:


·         Diversifying your portfolio

·         Ways to diversify your portfolio

·         Issue of over-diversification

·         Portfolio rebalancing

·         Rebalancing strategies such as Calendar rebalancing, Percentage - of - Portfolio rebalancing, Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance, Cash flow rebalancing and Automated rebalancing.

·         Reporting on portfolio status 

·         Investing tools for investors such as Screeners, Charting, Budgeting and portfolio analytics tools, News alerts and apps, Discount brokerage


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Frequently asked questions

The course is a mixture of intermediate and advanced concepts, which would require a basic understanding of investing. The advanced courses have been designed in such a way that they cover these concepts in detail, making them easier to understand.

The course takes the understanding of investing to the next level and covers some of the advanced topics such as building a portfolio, selecting the right investment vehicles, the various approaches to measuring investment performance. The course also highlights the financial risks of investing and the scams and frauds associated with investing.

The course has been divided into different modules, each of which comprises relevant chapters on the subject, hence we recommend taking the course in the order presented.

The course is completely online. You can access your videos and readings anytime and anywhere via the web or mobile device.

After completing this course, you will be well-versed with the importance of cautious investing and the various steps involved in achieving the same. The course also highlights the significance of building goals and portfolio formation and rebalancing.

The teachings from this course can be useful while applying investing techniques in the real world. The course can also be a guiding light towards protecting yourself from becoming a victim to a fraudulent activity.