Investing Through IPO
Last Updated: Monday, September 12 2022
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Investing Through IPO

Updated September, 2022 | 3 Modules | All Levels


This course on IPO is for beginners who want to understand the process from scratch. IPO is one of the most sought-after investment options across the globe. You will get to know about the process and procedure of filling an IPO. The course will help you read and understand the prospectus of an IPO. It will educate you about the valuation methods used for IPO valuation. The course explains the role of IPO participants in making floatation successful. You will also be able to understand the modern and upcoming trends in the IPO.

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The module details the basics of an IPO and explains various reasons for companies going for an IPO. It also touches upon the major procedures to file an IPO and global regulations related to listings.


06:58 Mins

The module gives you a glimpse of what to look for in an IPO prospectus. It explains the due diligence to be followed by the companies before filing an IPO. It also covers the offer price determination and valuation metrics of an IPO. There are various participants in an IPO, we have tried to explain their role in detail in this module.


12:40 Mins

The module makes you aware of the different marketing methods to make the IPO successful. It discusses the benefits of IPO over direct listings and the latest trends in the IPO market.


06:02 Mins

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Frequently asked questions

The course covers IPO-related concepts in detail. However, it would be useful for users to go through some of the previous courses on the Kal-Edtech+ platform, such as “The Importance of Investing” and “Introduction to Stock Market”.

The course contains an in-depth understanding of why companies decide to go public through an IPO and different methods used to achieve the same. It also explores the many aspects involved in an IPO process.

The course entails information about how to read the IPO prospectus, what is the importance of due diligence, and the time and price determination of an IPO issued. The course also sheds light on how companies create awareness about their IPO and what are the advantages of filing an IPO.

The concepts taught in this course will equip you with the required understanding of investing through IPO.

The course has been divided into different modules, each of which comprises relevant chapters on the subject, hence we recommend taking the course in the order presented.

The course is completely online. You can access your videos and readings anytime and anywhere via the web or mobile device.