About Us

Kalkine’s education technology division, Kalkine Education Technologies Pty. Ltd (KalEdtech) directs the energy of all its resources toward bridging the deep void that exists in the modern world of information.

The platform is a solution to the complex web of convoluted information spread over the internet, which touches all landscapes including finance, investment, technology, and the economy. KalEdtech is a comprehensive pool that covers information on multiple aspects. The dissemination of this information, basic as well as advanced, is in such a manner that it can educate and enable the individual to take informed and rational decisions.

The collection contains concepts ranging from the basics of finance and investment to specialised subject matters related to the economy and emerging technologies. These can be accessed to understand the subject in a manner that is purely unbiased and non-partisan. KalEdtech serves all categories of readers, from beginners to subject matter experts.

The content is researched and curated by specialised sector experts. The information is provided in simple language and immersive video form with meaningful categorisations, which make it easy to grasp the content. The emphasis is primarily on the fundamentals of any concept, be it investment or technology, with broader coverage of complex underpinnings of the concept in a phased manner. The content does not promote or endorse any theory or entity and is purely educational in nature.